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Advocates for medical marijuana demonstrated outside the district courthouse, Thursday in Waterford Township. The crowd of nearly 300 held signs that read “Stop Arresting Patients Now,” and “The Voters Have Spoken.”

Rick Thompson, who helped organize the demonstration, said they’re showing  support for defendants recently arrested during clinic raids in Waterford, Ferndale and Royal Oak.

“We support anyone who is full compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana act,” Thompson told WWJ’s Florence Walton.

“The intent of the initiative was to enable patients to utilize medical marijuana.  So, if there are any gray areas in the law, they have to be decided in favor of patients rights, not in favor of what’s easiest for law enforcement, or what might contribute to their forfeiture funds,” Thompson said.

The 13 defendants are accused of distributing marijuana to patients without proper documentation.

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  1. Skip says:

    6 buses full of patients and caregivers descinded on Judge Khun’s Kangaroo Courtroom today. Was a wonderful afternoon. Kudos to the medical marijuana community for acting respectful. We will win this battle…and, the war!

  2. Richardo Brown, A.A. A.S. says:

    I’am a Synder /Calley for Michigan Volunteer
    along with better school and neighborhoods the medicaid Mi Health card and HMO providers will become better if Rick would re-onvent dental and eyeglass care for voters over the age of 21, and laser eye treatment if it is just a couple of visits and the Medical merijuana issue should be handled on the MI Health card for qualified medicaid recipients.

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