Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. will host an open house on Wednesday, Nov. 17 from 10 a.m. to noon to celebrate its 2010 manufacturing expansion project. 

The expansion added 5,400 square feet to ISSYS’ existing plant in Ypsilanti. The space is dedicated to high-quality manufacturing of system-level products based on ISSYS micro-electro-mechanical system chips that are fabricated in its current clean room.

The addition includes assembly lines, production laboratories, clean assembly and packaging rooms and calibration areas for both medical and industrial products. The new floor space also includes a combination clean room and Faraday cage for final assembly and calibration area with capacity of ISSYS’ wireless, batteryless medical implants. 

“This new manufacturing site will allow ISSYS to ramp up the production of its MEMS-based microdensity sensors and eventually the MicroCoriolis mass flow meters,” said ISSYS executive vice president Doug Sparks. “The latest product, the FuelSense density meter, is gaining traction in the monitoring of fuel and petrochemical quality, fuel custody transfer, fuel type and fuel blending markets. Its small size and added features gives it a significant advantage over current density meters based on steel resonating tubes. Phase I expansion accommodates production of thousands of industrial units per year. We are proud to show this new facility to our partners.”

Added ISSYS president and CEO Nader Najafi said the company is targeting applications in congestive heart failure and traumatic brain injury for its wireless, batteryless sensing implants. It also offers industrial fluidic sensing devices such as the FC10 methanol concentration sensor, FuelSense, MassSense and UL approved intrinsically safe density and flow meters.”

Founded in 1995, ISSYS is one of the oldest independent MEMS companies in the United States. More at

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