WWJ’s Marie Osborne reports from China where she’s traveling with a Wayne County trade delegation.


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That (at left) is the sign that sits on the steps in front of the Baoyan Resturant in Shanghai.  However, nothing else seems to be lost in translation in this incredible city.  One of the Wayne county Trade delegation participates, Dick Rassel, Chairman of the Butzel Long law firm in Detroit says Shanghai is New York… on speed. No kidding. Every corner is immaculate.  That’s not to say there are the less than picturesque places, but over all, this is a city of immense energy and its contradictions.

While out site seeing a young Chinese mother approached a member of our delegation and thrust her baby in her arms.  Startled our delegation member caught the baby, while the mother stepped back and pointed to her husband who was ready to shoot a picture of the baby being held by a Westerner!

The baby pictured here was out for a stroll with his mother and grand parents.  It’s hard to miss the way children here are held, spoken to and generally revered here.  You never see a mother or father with more than one child.

Everyone back home is asking about the food.  Yes, this (below, right) was one of the 30 or so platters served at the Baoyan restaurant this afternoon. 

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It’s said American’s aren’t ‘in touch’ with their food source.  We were today.

Best wishes from Shanghai!

– Marie Osborne

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Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano is leading the 26-member Michigan group, which began an eight-day schedule Friday. Private funds are paying for the trip. Ficano’s office said the group will meet with Chinese government officials, an electric carmaker, trade associations and others during their visit to four cities.