It’s becoming clear that Rip Hamilton no longer wants to play basketball as a Detroit Piston. The way he’s been playing I question if he wants to play basketball at all. Last night vs. the Houston Rockets he was ejected from the game after recieving two technicals for arguing a foul. This is Rip’s third ejection this season and it does’nt even look like he cares. It’s as if he’s mailed it in before he’s even laced them up.

     But the problem for Rip is if he wants to be traded he’s going to have to show some form of life. No other team in their right mind would want to trade for someone who looks this disinterested in basketball. He’s going to need to show he can still knock down the mid range jumper and wear guys out by running off numerous screens. That’s the kind of player a contending team might be looking to acquire. So if Rip wants a new team he needs to step up his game. Then again no one’s going anywhere until the Pistons are sold.