The CBS Show “Undercover Boss”  is highlighting a local business based in Birmingham. Viewers will have the chance to see how the world’s largest disaster restoration company BelFor operates on daily basis.  

The show unfolds under the guise of its CEO Sheldon Yellen working as a regular employee.  Yellen says the work was tough but there was one big eye opener for him.  He says it was when an employee said that corporate didn’t care about her.

Yellen says he lost control after he heard that, “I’ve spent 27 years here creating a culture, I personally hand-write out 6000 birthday cards a year to all my employees around the world. I thought I was taking care of them, it’s not just by that task, but I’ve learned that it’s not enough, and that hit me right between the eyes.”

The CEO  went incognito for the episode.  He says there was more than a different wardrobe to put on.

“I had grown a beard for the first time in my life and I wore see-through glasses and I had a wig on at all times, and being in a uniform, as well, and a hat.” Yellen noted.

Yellen says he’ll be taking further steps on the show to make sure his employees are treated with more respect.  You can watch the episode at 9 p.m Sunday on CBS – WWJ TV.


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