Ever go to work sick? Work next to someone who was? You are not alone. A new survey by CareerBuilder finds 72% of workers go to work when sick. And 53% say they’ve gotten sick from a co-worker. Still, more than half (55%) feel guilty if they call in sick. Allison Nawoj is a career advisor with CareerBuilder in Chicago. She says employers may be missing an important benefit.

“Only 19 percent of employees said their companies provided flu shots. I think that’s a great way for people to stay healthy and, hopefully, companies will jump on board and more of them will offer those types of benefits.”

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Nawoj says the reason why most go to work if they aren’t well?!? –Workplace and economic pressures.

CareerBuilder offers the following tips for staying well at work:
— Don’t share your germs: If you are sick, do your best to keep your germs away from others by staying home. If you absolutely must come into the office, try to work in a conference room or away from others so you don’t spread your sickness. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently.

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— Keep it balanced: With many workers facing heavier workloads and longer hours, some may be feeling maxed out. Be sure to manage your stress and stay healthy by taking a break during the day, exercising or even practicing yoga or meditation.

— Talk it out: If you are concerned about taking days off work when you are ill, talk to your manager or HR department so that you have a clear understanding on how your sick days can be used. Offer to telecommute, delegate or call-in if necessary, but ensure you get as much rest as possible so you are back on your feet.

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