DETROIT (WWJ) ‘Detroit 187’  is shooting in the Heidelberg Project in Detroit. 

The television crews of the show ‘Detroit 187’ are braving the cold temperatures in Detroit for an outdoor shoot at the Heidelberg Project.

Detroiter Jeanine Whitfield, the wife of artist Tyree Guytons, has a speaking role in the show in which she gets to explain what the project is all about.

WWJ’s Mike Campbell caught up with shoot on Detroit’s east side and spoke with Whitfield, she says she likes the whole idea of having a national audience.

“The whole idea or notion this happening here, promoting it once again, the city of Detroit is my town. I love it, I think it’s hot,” Whitfield said.

 – View more photos from the set –

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  1. Carolyn Clock Allen says:

    Wonderful. My late husband and I both loved the Heidelberg Project. I thought it had been taken down? Because the city, or neighbors, or someone thought it was tacky?? Only in Detroit. With empty lots, empty houses, desolate blocks, and razed neighborhoods, and someone would think the really innovative Heidelberg project was “tacky.” I hope it endures for a LONG long time.

  2. Gus says:

    Ah, this reidnms me I need to post my knitting projects! Aren’t handmade socks wonderful?! .I wish I’d gotten back to piano I took lessons as a child, but it was unpleasant as I had a verbally abusive teacher. I was completely put off to it for years. Too bad. I would love to be able to play at this stage in my life. I’m certainly not musical by any stretch, but appreciate music tremendously. You remind me, I really don’t listen to it anymore A few things I do for quality time:I exercise daily.I eat the ultimate and optimal diet.I sew, knit, craft, do some embroidery, at home for pleasure, mostly, and to not sit idle.I pray.

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