DETROIT (WWJ) –  An angry and embarrassed Ontario woman who says she was strip-searched at the Ambassador Bridge without justification has sued two U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

The Detroit Free Press says Loretta Van Beek of Stratford filed the suit in Detroit federal court against the unnamed agents. She says she was en route to her Georgia vacation home last March when one agent strip-searched and groped her while the other one watched.

Van Beek says she was detained for two hours, then sent to a windowless cell and ordered to strip because she neglected to disclose she had raspberries in her vehicle.

The lawsuit claims one agent aggressively groped her breasts and genital area while the other watched. Van Beek says she was then photographed and fingerprinted and sent back to Canada.

Attorney S. Thomas Wienner of Rochester tells the Free Press the experience traumatized Van Beek and “She’s concerned she might not be the only victim.”

Customs and Border Patrol says it cannot comment on pending litigation.

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  1. BruceQuarles says:

    Arrogant behavior such as this by most of the people who work for US in law enforcement is not uncommon. They do not stop or solve crimes their main function is to intimidate and extort money from the American citizens that work for a living. These idiots as well as there puppet masters that are in our state capitols and D.C. are so blinded by their arrogance that they do not realize why guns and ammo are selling fast as they can be produced.

  2. sbf says:

    I feel safer… don’t you?

  3. Steve says:

    We Detroiters are getting pretty sick of people like you.

    1. rono3849 says:

      Then get your pathetic city in order. Detroit is an embarrassment to America.

    2. Mr. Practical says:

      We’re getting pretty sick of paying for it. Fix it or burn it to the ground. Reset.

    3. Ryan Smith says:

      then move to a better city, like most from detroit have….

    4. Jack says:

      Yes, but you don’t have any right to an opinion so it really doesn’t matter what you think now does it?

  4. Anarchos says:

    She’s lucky they didn’t tell her “Ms we need to perform a probe in order to ascertain you are not “concealing” contraband in your bodily orifices and by the way any “drip” you feel after the exam is just excess lube.”

  5. Roger Spartan says:

    Isn’t it obvious? The people doing the searches are in the pockets of “Big Raspberry”. Or the “Fruit Lobby”. She obviously had intentions of consuming these poor little defenseless berries on her long trip. We can’t allow that kind of inhuman treatment of fruit. No.When you get to the USA of must forego that nonsense and eat burgers, fries and chicken like the rest of us do. That healthy foreign stuff will get you. Besides, she already has Canadian Obamacare. Serves her right trying to bring free health care across the border, eh?

  6. Roger Sparta says:

    Bet the agents names were Ben Dover and Serge Me.

    1. Anarchos says:

      Bet, your right! lol

  7. Dennis says:

    Relax, they do not discriminate, they manhandle more people than you can imagine. If the shopkeepers of Detroit only knew what was going on at the border, they would freak out. This is really economic suicide practiced under the guise of: just doing my job a-hole…

  8. JohnFLob says:

    Need cheap thrills? Hate society? If yes apply please submit your application to the US DHS.

  9. view says:

    I’ve heard of other stories by US customs, unfortunately. I hope she is successful but in the mean time probably best to avoid travel too/from the US via Canada and let both governments know why.

  10. jim says:

    They can have my raspberries when they pry them from my cold dead fingers.

  11. jerry says:

    The problem with Detroit is too many Liberals, Unionsan and primitive colored people.

  12. Sam Martin says:

    despite your excellent big bro “theories”…raspberries cannot get you refused entry to the u.s…know what can? See INA 212 for the answer. Pretty serious stuff…moral turpitude and stuff. Also, border agents can’t do strip searches, only pat downs with a witness…this is a bit more opaque then new outlets would let on. I know, i know….bush and cheney did 9/11 also!!!ha!!!

  13. Squeeze says:

    Mmmmm Canadian tities Mmmmm.

  14. Thomas R. Wiles says:

    Hey Mr. & Mrs. USA, welcome to the third world !! I really feel sorry for the lady from Canada. America, you laughed when people complained about the long moral decline since the 1960’s. It continues to go down from here into a bottomless pit of misery and suffering. This illustrates precisely the reason why citizens should care about the morality of their fellow citizens. We are ending up with the hellish government we deserve. Notice to Canadians — come here and you are entering a hellish cesspool.

  15. Thomas R. Wiles says:

    Hey Mr. & Mrs. America, welcome to the third world. I feel sorry for the Canadian woman, but she must realize when she crosses the border it is now like crossing into Haiti or Somalia — cross at your own risk. Americans, you laughed all these years when people complained of declining morality. “Oh it doesn’t matter” you told yourself. “Why should I care what others do in the privacy of their own homes if it doesn’t directly affect me.” Well, turns out it does, because immoral people see the world backwards — right looks wrong, and wrong looks right. They will vote your rights away, and that is precisely what has happened. Enjoy that new third world status!!! You have entered a bottomless pit.

  16. bill says:

    smuggle a berry… lose your cherry. ouch.

  17. The Duke says:

    Those female inspectors may look at, inspect, or fondle my berries if they think I am dangerous with my berries!!

  18. Archie1954 says:

    So much good, Prime Minister Harper’s declaration of undying love for America, did for that Canadian at least. Maybe he’s looking forward to having his berries squeezed.

  19. jc says:

    We don’t close our borders with Mexico and continue to allow drugs to come through. But watch out for those threatening Canadians with raspberries. Idiocracy anyone?

  20. Brenda says:

    When I first saw this, I thought it said “dingleberries.” I would sue too if I was saving dingleberries and they were discovered in a strip search.

  21. Josh Broege says:

    I’m really loving the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility problems? A few of my blog readers have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox. Do you have any advice to help fix this issue?

  22. M says:

    My wife and I are Canadian (born in Ontario) and hold dual citizen (natuarlized US Citizen10yrs/Nexus card holders. We have been living in Michigan 15 yrs and cross back and forth regularly. Recently we were returning from Canada when we were grilled as to “what was our relationship to and how do we “know” the people we had been visiting in Canada?” My wife objected to the questioning and we were promptly secondaried and surrounded by armed HS agents. “You object to our questions ?” they asked with their hands on their weapons. I felt this fear rise up in me. America is really a Police State when you approach that border (even if you are a US citiizen). It was scary – We will be moving back to our home country sometime in the future.

  23. Vic Pittman Nayarit, Mexico says:

    I was born an American, but my wife and I moved to Mexico two years ago. Even though we are white, we are treated much with much more respect by the Mexican authorities than we were by the US Gestapo.The US is a paranoid, arrogant, racist regime that for the most part looks down their noses at everyone else. Canadians are not exempt from American arrogance and contempt. Boycott everytrhing American and throw any politicians under the bus that cater to and grovel for American $$. The best thing that could happen for the rest of ther world would be for the US to crash…hard.

  24. Carol says:

    There are so many stupid comments here! you really have to live this to feel violated in every single way. It happened to me last year, but at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, and the excuse they gave me was because I gave the agent an attitude, which is a complete lie, he just wanted to exercise abuse of power. Damn inspectors!!!

  25. Dave Boyer says:

    I wish she had 1st kicked em in the Noogies.

  26. Abagail says:

    I don’t think people understand the DANGER of giving over this kind of power to ill educated – rent a cops / be they TSA or these agents. Many abuse their FEW hrs of power before returning to their boring, lackluster, dreary lives.

    They’re never going to have the money to visit their summer home in Georgia, go to Europe, visit Disney World. Notice since 911/ the Patriot Act that Canadian and American work a day – patriotic – citizens have become the ENEMY. Meantime hundreds of thousands ( 495,000 reported by border patrol last year) enter in over the Southern border from ALL countries. Israel makes no qualms about it they TARGET those most apt / found to be involved in terrorism.

    They don’t grope, paw, humiliate, or X-RAY people. Their agents are all professionals – ex-military trained for TWO years. Not rent a cops – no real training with poor wages.

    It is inexcusable that gov on both sides of the border allow these pornographic – sexual state sanctioned assaults to be perpetuated on their citizens. A REP from VT was refused entry to Canada because he participated (Imagine) in a protest as a teenager 25 YEARS AGO. This is how insane this manhandling – has become.

  27. Archie1954 says:

    Please everyone remember that the US TSA can do whatever they want and keep out whoever they wish to without any reason at all. So those of you foolish enough to purchase vacation homes in the US, when you live elsewhere, are going to be subject to the whims of any and all border agents when ever you think you want to cross the border. I decided long ago that I would never put myself in that predicament.

  28. danny says:

    When are travelers going to learn that in order to travel around the US without being hasseled by government agents all that they have to do is to wrap a towel around their head and they will be allowed to go on their merry way with no questions asked.

  29. Jodi says:

    Who the heck even considers doing an invasive search over RASPBERRIES? They could have just said, “trash the fruiit or stay home” and be done with it.

    1. Archie1954 says:

      Jodi don’t you know the raspberries could have been radioactive along with her vagina?

  30. Tinnitus Miracle says:

    I have suffered from this for years. You can actually get relief.

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