DETROIT (WWJ) – Actor Peter Weller is weighing in on efforts to build a statue of RoboCop, the cyborg who roamed Detroit fighting crime in a 1987 movie.

Weller comments offers his support to the cause in an online video. In a comic tone, Weller, who played RoboCop in the film, pokes fun at those who don’t like the idea.

“Regrettably, not all of you see the wisdom of this tribute to the spirit of your city. Specifically, your mayor David Bing, who said the idea is silly.  Well, Mayor Bing, if that in fact is your real name, was it silly when Murphy sacrificed his very identity to fight crime? Was it silly when Murphy cleaned up drugs in Detroit and saved the city from being demolished?”

Weller said he thinks that statue is great idea, and should be a group effort.

“Together, you, RoboCop, Eminem, Chrysler, GM and Ford, Elmore Leonard, Michael Moore, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Tom Hulce, Tim Allen. Ted Nugent, Kirt Gibson, that dude tho played Booger in Revenge of the Nerds — we will all work to rebuild our amazing city and erect the gigantic monument to RoboCop, the cyborg of self R-E-S-P-E-C-T!” he said.

 Check out the video at this link.

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