Clinton Township-based Kuka Robotics will demonstrate its lightweight robotic technology and economical small-footprint palletizing machinery, designed and supplied by Kuka partner Automated Motion Inc., at Automate 2011, the showcase of automation technologies being held in Chicago March 21 – 24.

Formerly known as the International Robots, Vision & Motion Control Show, Automate now demonstrates the full spectrum of automation technologies and solutions for a broad array of industries.

Kuka Robotics will showcase the LWR 4+, a lightweight robot with 7 axis, seven-kilogram (15.4-pound) payload capacity that weighs in at 16kg (35.2 pounds) in total unit weight, demonstrating demanding assembly tasks that require utmost precision, and a sensitive but powerful touch. The robot comes amazingly close to the motion sequences of the human arm. Through force-controlled surface following the operator can manually guide the robot to different positions in the work space while controlling and teaching the LWR using the very simple user interface.

In a demonstration cell designed and provided by Automated Motion, Inc. a KR 100 PA will be utilized in the innovative and small footprint P3 Palletizing Cube. The P3 Palletizing Cube is an economical, articulated arm-based palletizing solution that arrives pre-assembled and occupies a very small footprint. Suitable for case, carton, pail and bag palletizing applications, the P3 provides a wide range of opportunities. Featuring a KUKA KR100 PA robot with pick speeds up to 20 picks per minute and payloads up to 100kg (220 pounds).

The system is customizable with multiple end of arm tooling options, as well as optional slip sheet placement, automatic pallet dispensing / discharge, and extended height pallet loads. The P3 Palletizing Cube is KUKA KRC 2 controlled and allows for quick change-over of multiple products using the operator interface. Shipping virtually complete, the P3 requires less than 2 hours to set-up. The base frame and small footprint allows the P3 to be quickly and easily relocated throughout any manufacturing facility. In a small material handling cell, KUKA Robotics will showcase a KR5 sixx utilizing an ATI tool changer handling an Apple iPad.

Outside the Kuka Robotics booth, Kuka robots on the Automate show floor will be a KR 150 demonstrating KUKA.SafeHandling, a hand guided collaborative robot application, also featuring KUKASafeOperation with safety rated soft axis, space limiting, speed monitoring and motioned stop located in the RIA Robot Standards booth. The KUKA KR 100-2PA will be featured in the SAS booth.

Kuka Robotics Corp. is a subsidiary of Augsburg, Germany-based Kuka Roboter GmbH and a member of the Kuka Aktiengesellschaft group of worldwide companies. Kuka robots range from 5 to 1,300 kilogram (11 to 2,866 pound) payloads, and 635 mm to 3,900 mm (2.1 to 12.8 foot) reach, all controlled from a common PC-based controller platform.

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