DETROIT (WWJ) – Congresswoman Candice Miller says she’s not happy about the way United States forces began a military intervention in Libya. She says the president needs to consult with Congress before using the military on foreign soil.

 “He should have talked to the Congress about this and he should certainly not be having press conferences in Chile or Rio de Janeiro while we are having a military excursion in Libya without talking to the Congress, I believe, and the American people,” Miller says.

A Defense Department spokesman says the U.S. already is taking a smaller role in the mission. Whereas about 50 percent of the approximately 60 air missions flown on Sunday were by U.S. pilots, the overwhelming number of today’s missions were flown by military from other countries.

Miller says the president can use military power to defend this country’s national interests. But she says she’s not sure what our national interests are in Libya.