DETROIT (WWJ) – C3 Productions independent producer, Lynda Charow, will present her new documentary, “Building on Faith: The Historic Churches of Detroit,” at a charity premiere at the Detroit Historical Museum on Friday, April 1 at 6 p.m. The event will benefit the Detroit Historical Society’s Historic Houses of Worship tour program.

The city of Detroit has many beautiful historic churches that are interwoven into the fabric of the corporate buildings in downtown Detroit. Each church has a story as to how their buildings came to be where they are located today, what role their church played in the history of the city and how opportunities were created for their parishes/congregations through community outreach programs.

The churches in Detroit were established by different denominations and immigrants that wanted to practice their religion freely in America. When immigrants came to Detroit, they congregated with people from their homeland who shared the same faith.

Sometimes, relocating churches or removing portions of them to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of the city was necessary, such as when Woodward Avenue was widened or when Mariner’s Church was moved.

The concept for the film was conceived more than 14 years ago. A lack of funding kept it from completion. However, newer technologies available, the cooperation of the Detroit News providing historic photos and the University of Michigan providing free footage removed many of those barriers.

“I was determined to get this program completed,” Charow said in a release.  “I decided to do almost everything myself. I did, however, bring on my friend to do the final editing. She has a way of melding the music and visuals to create a compelling piece.”

“Building on Faith” is currently being considered for national broadcast by the Discovery Channel.

The evening opens with refreshments and appetizers, and an introduction of the film by Charow. “Building on Faith” will be followed by a question and answer session, and the event will conclude with desserts. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed in their Sunday best.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased in advance on the Detroit Historical Society’s website or by phone at (313) 833-1801.


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