EyeWyre Software Studios, a software development firm with offices in Shelby Township, now offers software development courses for a range of topics, including game development.

EyeWyre Software Studios has been developing custom software solutions for clients as well as selling its own software products for nearly a decade. Their products include robotics and micro-controller simulators and games for the desktop and mobile platforms.

Today, the company announced a series of in-depth courses on how to make games for desktop computers, mobile devices, the web and game consoles, like the xbox 360. The courses, available for ages 14 and up, range from beginner to advanced. The beginner classes provide an introduction to programming for those without any programming experience.

The courses are interactive and hands-on. Students will come away with not only the skills necessary to make games for themselves or employers, but also a very powerful and popular game engine called Unity3d.

Registration for classes beginning in May are now being accepted. To find out more, visit www.eyewyre.com.


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