FLORIDA (WWJ) – Researchers at the University of Florida have found some added benefits to eating apples.

A one-year study of post-menopausal women who ate an apple a day wound up with a 23-percent decrease in LDL — or ‘bad’ cholesterol.

CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook says there are still plenty of questions surrounding this small study, which has yet to be published.

“Apple pectin is a very special chemical that decreases fat and cholesterol absorption from the intestinal tract,” LaPook said.

Doctors say the women even lost 3 pounds during the course of the research and lowered their risk of heart attack or stroke.

  1. A Michigan Resident says:

    I eat an apple a day and have perfect body weight for my height. However, I also workout using a anaerobic fast twitch Olympic weight training program. I was born into a diabetic family but my glucose level constantly measures around 80. Good healthy food and hard physical work are important to a healthy life. I haven’t had the flu in 33 years. I just don’t get sick. Have an apple

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