DETROIT (WWJ) – More and more teenagers are learning a tough lesson, after they send sexually explicit photos of themselves on the phone or computer. 

That’s why Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper has been visiting local high schools; telling teens “don’t do it!”

“Anytime you put anything out on cyberspace, there is nothing that is temporary, a memory chip in a phone means that there is a memory. A hard drive means that no matter what you delete, computer experts can always find that,” says Cooper.

A recent survey of found 20-percent of teenagers and 33-percent of young adults had sent nude or semi-nude photographs of themselves electronically.

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  1. Mark Zane says:

    It’s the Latest.

  2. A Michigan Resident says:

    And so we see the value of the hand held computer device, public embarrassment. Who would have thought? But the good news is this may reduce influence of the porno business.

    However it is done sex is primary to mankind’s existance, even the very religious.

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