DETROIT (WWJ) – Wayne State has a new president. Former Ford Motor Company vice-chairman Allan Gilmour has been inaugurated as Wayne State’s 11th president. 

Gilmour spoke about tough economic times for higher education.

“Economic pressures are driving the need for more efficiency and for measurable results. I’ve heard these words before. If they drive accountability and sensible stewardship, they can be helpful. If they drive short-term thinking or the latest quick fix fad, they can be dangerous,” says Gilmour.

Gilmour says their job is to stay focused on who they are and what they need to do.  He says they must keep their eyes focused on the pursuit of knowledge and the education of their students.

“What we do here changes lives and changes the world and this isn’t a cliche and never let it become one…not in our conversations, not in our society and most importantly, not in our hearts,” says Gilmour.


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