DETROIT (WWJ) – The Detroit Public School system has issued pink slips to virtually all of its teachers, although it’s unclear how many will be laid off because of money problems. The city has now said many Detroit libraries may shutter their doors.

“I guess it’s a process they have to go through, I understand they have to give about 60 days before the end of school, and I’m sure they are going to bring some of them back, how many they are going to bring back … I don’t know,” Bing told WWJ’s Beth Fisher.

In addition, the city is talking about closing 18 of 23 public libraries.

“That’s very unfortunate, but once again, it’s a fiscal crisis we are in and I’m not sure where additional funding can come from to keep things open, but we have got to work at it,” says Bing.
Bing has continuing worries in Detroit.  He is seeking $200 million in cuts in revenue, in part by asking for concessions from unions, to balance the city’s budget.


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