ROMULUS (WWJ) – A protest outside the Pulte Homes shareholders meeting has led to several arrests.

WWJ’s Marie Osborne said there were nearly 100 people rallying, late Wednesday afternoon, outside the Marriot hotel at Metro Airport.

Detroit Area AFL-CIO President Sandra Williams said they were there to get an answer from Pulte Homes.

“We want them to answer one question that they have never been able to answer, or they always refused to answer, and that is: where is the almost billions of dollars they got in our tax money to create jobs?”

Williams is referring to $900 million in federal funds she said were received by Pulte from the Worker, Home Ownership and Business Assistance Act.

“They’ve actually laid off people, they haven’t created any jobs. They’ve just taken that money,” she said.

Eight participants sat down on Flynn Drive in an organized protest, and were arrested without incident.

In response, Pulte Homes issued a statement saying it never received any bailout dollars. It said the company did qualify for tax benefits and invested the money in a way that would create jobs. Pulte called Wednesday’s protest “counterproductive and misplaced.”


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