DETROIT (WWJ) – As the old adage goes … “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

WWJ NewsRadio 950’s Rob Sanford says that’s especially true for so called “E-cigarettes” offered online.

Over the past year hundreds of complaints have been filed over an internet offer for a free trial of cigarettes – that really aren’t free at all.

Several different companies have made the offer including “Direct E-Cig” and “Smoke Freely, LLC” which tells the reader if they pay the postage of $9.95 the free cigarettes will be mailed to their homes.

Not only do the people not get the product but then they start receiving bills of up to $150 dollars.

One of the biggest problems in cracking down on it, is that once one operation is closed down, another pops up in its place.

Patrick Bennett with the Better Business Bureau says your best protection is to just ignore the offer or at least read the fine print.

 Read more on the BBB’s E Cigarette warning here.

Comments (3)
  1. katz123 says:

    Not all e-cig suppliers offer the free trial, in fact the e-cigarette forums warn against signing up for the free trials.

  2. katz123 says:

    The genuine e-cigarettes do work…I have finally stopped smoking with e-cigs after over 6 failed attempts using the patch, gum, champix, zyban, etc. I was a pack and a half a day smoker for 32 years and when I found these, the first day I used them was the last day I smoked. That was over 9 months ago now.

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