Altair Engineering Inc., a provider of simulation technology and engineering services, announced Thursday that the staffing division of Altair ProductDesign, its product development business, has doubled its active engineering specialists onsite at manufacturers and suppliers throughout the U.S. during the last 12 months.

This represents exceptional growth for the staffing business, which is currently looking to fill more than 1,000 open positions for skilled engineers and designers across the United States during 2011.

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Altair ProductDesign’s staffing business helps its customers to fulfill engineering and design resource requirements by accessing a qualified database of highly skilled workers, accurately matching the resource need with the skills of the candidates. Engineers are staffed rapidly to work under the direction of the client either onsite at customers’ premises or offsite at one of Altair’s own offices.

“With the world economic climate still in recovery, it is encouraging to see so many skilled engineering positions opening up across multiple industries,” said Mike Heskitt, COO of Altair ProductDesign. “Altair’s staffing business has stepped up to the challenge of filling these critical positions with highly qualified staff.”

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With this landmark reached and ambitious growth predictions set for the coming year, Altair ProductDesign is planning to expand with the establishment of new services operations in both Italy and Spain during 2011.  These new operations will increase the total number of global integrated offices to more than 40, allowing the company to supply its specialized product-development, process-automation and staffing services to meet the needs of clients in these growing regions.

From its origins as an automotive design and engineering services supplier, Altair ProductDesign has expanded its simulation-driven design practices into a wide range of industries, including aerospace, energy, packaging, consumer goods and rail. The company specializes in optimization and weight reduction by combining its engineering expertise with the experience of applying HyperWorks, Altair’s own industry-leading computer-aided engineering software. This focus on designing products at optimum weight drives product-performance improvements and cost reductions for clients, while acting as both service provider and software developer gives Altair a unique level of engineering and technical expertise to fuel innovation in its client engagements.

“Although there are many engineering software companies around the world and even more engineering services companies, Altair is unique in the way it has maintained a strong interplay between the two business, benefiting businesses and ultimately, the customer,” said Jeff Brennan, chief marketing officer of Altair Engineering. “Altair is perhaps more widely known for its HyperWorks simulation software suite, but Altair’s engineering services division has experienced continued growth since its establishment in 1985, with this year’s revenues expected to increase by more than 15 percent compared to 2010.”

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