LANSING (WWJ) – Legislation that would eventually ban pit bulls in Michigan is stirring up some heated debate.

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with Mike Davis, President of the National American Pit Bull Association, who said the bill is unfairly targeting one breed, when any breed is potentially dangerous.

“Your dog doesn’t come home trained like Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin.  Just like a child, we have to teach our dogs how to sit and behave in public.  Hold the dog and the owner accountable, not a particular breed,” he said.

Davis said the bill, which would ban breeding of pit bulls in Michigan and ownership entirely in ten years, is unenforceable.

“It’s very unenforceable. If you look at what’s going on Ecorse, they have a full ban, but yet they have incidences all the time. And, Waterford has a ban and yet they have two hundred incidences a year of those dogs coming into the city and they have to go to court to get them removed,” Davis said.

The sponsor of the bill, State Representative Tim Bledsoe, a Democrat from Grosse Pointe, says pit bulls are a greater threat to the public safety than other breeds. The legislation was introduced in the state House this week.

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  1. Primetime Editorials says:

    get rid of pitbulls
    people cannot protect themselves from these agressive dogs
    we dont need em

    1. Karen says:

      We don’t need YOU and your ignorance. Pitbulls are not aggressive, they are TRAINED to be that way by horrible people. If we go down this rout why not ban german shepherds or rottweilers? We shouldn’t. It’s the people we should hold responsible, not the animal.

      1. Joan says:

        I agree. It’s the stupid people, not the dogs. People should have to take a test before they get a dog like a Pitbull to see if they are intelligent enough and care enough to control and train them.

    2. Laurie Storm says:

      Why dont’ we get rid of something even more dangerous to society..PEDOPHILES! We should get rid of them, they are incurable and a menace to society in general no matter where they are, we don’t need them! Can I get a Heck Ya to a speedline to lethal injection for convicted pedophiles??

  2. Richard Robb says:

    This legislation is insane. It’s how a dog is trained, not just a particular breed.
    Put legislation in place that would hold the owners of any breed, accountable
    for the actions of their dog’s, not just a particular breed. Dog’s are like kids,
    you only get out of them, what you put in. Blame the owners (parents), not

  3. George says:

    How discriminatory the human animal is…simply madness. You’d think with all the critical issues that are facing our state and local communities, that our elected officials could find some greater focus on things that really matter other than seeking sensationalism. What a Pittyand a lotta Bull.

  4. Matt says:

    Hold the owner responsible for the dog not the dog. It is the same argument they make for banning guns! The owners is the one responsible for what the dog does. The dog as a puppy is not mean their trained that way! Have big fines and punishment. Banning the breed not going to fix the problem by no means! This dumb idea show that we have morons in state government.

  5. Karen says:

    I love Pits. They are the sweetest thing and will do anything to please you. It’s PEOPLE we should ban. Pits are taught to be fighting dogs…by PEOPLE. It sucks that when we come across a fighting dog ring, all the dogs involved have to be euthanize. It’s not the dogs fault but they have to pay the price for human cruelty and ignorance.

  6. I have red nose pit and he is the most faithful andwell manerd animal I’ve ever seen. Pit bull’s are so faithful to there famly they will do anything to please there owner a dog is a bad dog when the owner is a bad owner. If you wont a pit bull get a puppy and never show it vilence it will Kern and please you any way it can I will never bring any other kind of dog in to my famly

  7. Brandy says:

    I’ve almost always had a pit my friend has little chihuahuas they bit me 2 times my dog barely barks at strangers

  8. karen says:

    my chihuahua mix is the boss of my pitbull image a 70lb dog backing away from a 10 lb dog my dog s do bark at strangers but i expect them to its the way you treat the animall not the breed.

  9. Mike says:

    This is what Democrats do now that they’ve become ineffectual at protecting us from being robbed by Republicans and big business. They take their obscene pay checks and do nothing but introduce lame laws so they can somehow justify their existence. Bledsoe! If you’re not going to represent our real concerns, don’t waste our time and money trying to introduce meaningless laws that attacks our right to own a particular breed of dog. Just resign or become a Republican.

  10. rodney moore says:

    i think a ban on pitbulls should start as soon as possible. How many more people have to be injured and killed before a ban on pitbulls is put into law? Human live far outweighs the right to own a dog? Every time a pitbull kills or mauls a person, the owners always say ,their dog was a loving pet.

    1. cindy says:

      If your gonna talk about pitbulls killing why didnt you mention when the boxer killed a baby. How about looking into how many people get hurt by chihuahuas every year. You want to ignore what is really going on. your afraid of something you know nothing about. Ignorance is a higer killer then pitbulls. Just because these thugs out here choose the pitbull and train them to be mean does not mean you need to speak bad of all of them. Its like saying you dont like a person because the color of their skin.

  11. Carolinn Drouillard says:

    It comes naturally for humans to put blame on anything else but themselves. Humans are supposed to be the smater species. Sometimes I find it hard to believe. I have a Pitt and I love her. I respect her because she is an animal and I take precations and steps to prevent bad things from happing. And well it works.

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