Ways to tell Shakespeare was a stoner…
10. Not sure how to tell Shakespeare was a stoner, but I do know Charles Rogers reads Shakespear ‘a day’. Sean, Warren
9. Way to tell Shakespeare was a stoner? Greg Oden was there and will verify it.
8. Clues Shakespeare was a stoner: He’d go to jousting tournaments wearing a rainbow wig and hold up a JOHN 3:16 sign
7. Another way to know Shakespeare was a stoner… By the title of one of his lesser known plays “Dude, where’s my chariot?” Scott- Macomb
6. How we know that William Shakespeare was a stoner…Macbeth was originally written on Zig Zags. From Logan
5. Reason Shakespeare was a stoner. Romeo and Juliet was originally Romeo and Juliet go to white castle and featured Neil Patrick Harris. Shaun
4. Obviously he was a stoner…”doobie or not doobie”
3. Look closely at that skull in hamlet. It’s a hookah. Dave in Troy
2. How to know Shakespeare was a stoner…His real name was Shakespicoli. TIM
1. Shakespeare a stoner – his original title for Macbeth was MacBlunt, a story about the killing of a monster joint. Paul


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