Novi-based Prime Technologies announced Wednesday that it had implemented a real-time location system for John Deere’s Seeding Group in Moline, Ill.

The system uses wireless parts replenishment and work-in-process tracking systems — essentially industrial-grade Radio Frequency Identification tags — from Redwood City, Calif.-based AeroScout.

Prime says the system has improved manufacturing and operational efficiency for Deere.

Prime Technologies worked with the Seeding Group to implement a system designed to improve the efficiency of the assembly of seeders and to track and manage the work-in-process equipment as it moves down the manufacturing line. The company is also using wireless parts replenishment solution to reduce production delays and ensure that parts are efficiently delivered to welding stations as needed.

Said Prime president Dennis Kubica: “We recommended AeroScout’s proven solutions, which use standard Wi-Fi networks, because customers don’t have to purchase, deploy and maintain proprietary networks to gain the value of real-time visibility. This speeds deployments and reduces the total cost of ownership for customers.”

Prime Technologies provides complete systems for process control, process improvement and integration of automation systems. Its customer base consists of manufacturing, automotive, chemical processing, and municipal water treatment.

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