DETROIT (WWJ) – Two of Detroit’s neighborhood health clinics may be the first casualties of the city’s austere 2011-12 budget. WWJ Newsradio 950’s Florence Walton reports union officials say the clinics are no longer accepting applications for services.

AFSCME Local 273 President Cecilla Hunt represents the registered nurses who work at Detroit’s Grace Ross Clinic on the west side and the Northeast clinic.

“As of July 14th, the Northeast Health Center is no longer accepting applications for citizens to come in to be serviced,” Hunt told City Council members on Tuesday.

“They’ll tell you that the buildings aren’t closing, but there will be no city functions out of those two areas … they’re turning it over to other facilities,” she said.

City Council members are calling for an investigation.

“This council did put money back into the budget for the clinics, with the centers, for the health department,” said City Councilwoman Brenda Jones.

“I would like to see a report come to this body in regards to what the administrations plans are,” Jones said.

Council said they will fight to keep the neighborhood clinics open.

As of now, Detroiters can still go to the city run Herman Kiefer Health Department.

WWJ Newsradio 950  is waiting for a call back from the Mayor’s office for comment.


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