Southfield-based GCC Servicing Systems, a provider of mortgage servicing technology, Tuesday launched a new Customer Service Resolution Module to assist lenders with the efficient management and tracking of customer disputes through the G/Serv loan servicing platform.

The main CSRM screen displays all open disputes and gives the user the option to view closed disputes as well. To simplify the user experience, this opening screen aggregates all basic info about the disputes, including: dispute description, date, user responsible, status, last action date, category and follow-up date. The module also enables servicers to upload documents associated with disputes and view all disputes related to each loan.

Servicers are able to ensure prompt and accurate customer service with automated assignment of follow-up tasks among staff. The CSRM assists servicers in meeting new regulations by prompting reaction to borrowers requests in the allotted time, as well as providing an audit trail of the actions related to a specific borrower request.

“The next significant hurdle for servicers is adjusting to the Single Point of Contact environment,” said Glenn Liebowitz, president of GCC. “GCC is currently working with our clients to develop the level of automation they need to more thoroughly manage borrower communication. The Customer Service Resolution Module is a result of this hands-on collaboration with servicers and will assist our clients with the improved tracking of customer disputes and how they are handled.”

GCC Servicing Systems is a mortgage servicing software technology and service provider that cost-effectively automates all aspects of loan servicing and data management. The company was founded in 1977 as a mortgage service bureau and was known as Glenn Computer Corp. until 2003. Today, GCC Servicing Systems customers include mortgage servicing departments of banks, credit unions and mortgage companies with 500 to one million loans.

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