LANSING (WWJ) – What’s the impact of the deficit reduction measure on the state of Michigan?

Michigan receives 40 percent of its budget from Washington. According to WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick, with all that money in play, the state will have to make some sacrifices. Now the question is, “How much?”

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Detroit Representative Fred Durhal is concerned.

“Well I think it’s devisdating, absolutely. The roads won’t get fixed, you know, payments to people in social services will cease, and it will impact every area where there has to be matching money that the state can’t match. The Republicans are going to win a cut and we are at a point where we can’t stand any more cuts. We got to start raising revenues in this state,” Durhal said.

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The Reverend Jesse Jackson, who was in Lansing to form a new coalition to fight Governor Rick Snyder’s policies, said one thing about the debt crisis astonishes him.

“The richest americans who made the most money subsidized by the government have been shielded from innocence of obligation,” Jackson said.

Six Democrats and six Republicans in Washington will decide where the cuts will come from and Michigan will have to deal with it accordingly.

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