It’s been a while since I’ve visited the Detroit Zoo.  So when the Clinton River Watershed Council decided the zoo would be the setting for their next fundraiser, I thought, “perfect!”  I can become involved in an environmental mission to protect the watershed and Lake St. Clair AND take a family fun walk through the zoo! 

Anne Vaara, Exec. Dir. (CRWC), Lori Pinson, Kris Kelly, Community Dir. WWJ-TV

In case you don’t know, a family fun walk means no pressure!  There’s no competition. No distance requirements for the walk. On this particular morning, it was a way to beat the heat of the day and see the early bird animals. 

Last minute instructions.

Some of them were waiting to see us! 

What took you so long to visit?

And dressed for the occasion! 

The tail of this male peacock helps direct sound to its ears.

Others, cozied up to mom, providing a rare photo op! 

A joey climbs back into mom's pouch.

On the way to the “arctic”, I saw this guy missing the cold! 

Polar bears can weigh up to 1500 pounds!

And this bird reminded me not to stay out in the heat too long! 

Vultures usually attack only sick animals.

I passed a couple of “meetings”. 

Baby flamingoes are born grey.

And stopped to visit one of my favorite tall friends! 

Male giraffes can grow to 17 feet!

If you missed this year’s “Walk on the Wild Side” to benefit the Clinton River Watershed Council, click here for more information on ways to help out.

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  1. Kris Kelly says:

    What a great day!! And what a great cause!

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