Sure, the debt is outta control, the stock market seems to be spiraling and the global economy is in deep trouble. But on the Stoney and Bill show, we tackle the REALLY big issues. For instance, what’s better, baseball games during the day or at night? 1:05 or 7:05? For me it’s day baseball. Not that I don’t like night games, it’s just that I like the atmosphere better during the day. Sun shining, families with young kids with their gloves and really, the main reason is probably that day games remind me of going to games at Tiger Stadium with my family.

But one listener’s Ticket Text may have converted me to night baseball. I’m paraphrasing but he essentially said, the reason night games are better? Simple, there’s no greater sight than seeing a Tiger home run rocketing into the night against a dark sky with downtown Detroit as the backdrop.”…Wow, I’m sold!
Who knew our listeners were so poetic?