Small business owners are constantly looking for ways to keep more money in their pocket. Clawson-based International Bancard has developed a way by partnering with Staples to introduce its new point-of-sale program, Business Xpress, to allow merchants to accept credit and debit card payments and check processing, safely and securely within 24 hours of purchase.

The program will offer International Bancard’s end-to-end encrypted credit card terminals as well as custom configuration for credit and debit card payment processing purchased at participating Staples stores.

“We saw a need for such a service after researching how few options there were for small business owners to obtain payment processing services from someone other than a traditional financial institution,” said David Hofer, chief commercial officer at International Bancard. “Many business owners are throwing away money even before their doors open. International Bancard wants to help small business owners put more money back in their pockets and help grow their businesses.”

The Business Xpress program will help businesses effectively:
* Reduce aging receivables
* Reduce collection costs
* Increase cash flow
* Reduce the threat of card holder data theft
* Reduce credit card processing costs

For a limited time, the Business Xpress program will be offered at participating Staples stores at the deeply discounted price of $39.99 (MRSP $249.99) for a state-of-the-art dual communications credit card terminal (with dial-up and internet connectivity).

Business owners who purchase the credit card terminal will call into International Bancard’s Merchant Services Hotline or visit the Business Xpress Web site at to register their purchase and complete the EZ e-Signature Application.

Once purchased, International Bancard will process the application, configure the terminal to fit the needs of the business owner and ship the terminal with a welcome package overnight. International Bancard’s deployment team will then follow up with the business owner to verify they’ve received the terminal and that they are able to begin processing credit and debit card payments.

The company’s new Business Xpress program delivers tremendous value to those retailers who are looking for incremental revenue from the sale of credit card terminals as well as monthly residual income on the merchant processing.

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