PONTIAC (WWJ) – Another member of the University of Michigan’s famed “Fab Five” is being held in the Oakland County Jail.

John Sellek, a spokesman for the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, says Jimmy King is behind $17,000 in child support..

“It’s for a period of over the last three years or so where he was very inconsistently making payments. Now it’s not our first choice to file criminal charges in this case because when we put someone in jail, they’re going to obviously have a hard time making payments,” Sellek told WWJ Newsradio 950.

“But what we have learned over the last few years is if someone says they don’t have the money to pay, when they’re suddenly chasing a 4-year felony, they find the money,” Selleck said.

Arrested, Wednesday, Jimmy is being held on a $3,500 cash bond. He will be back in court next week.

King joins his former teammate, Jalen Rose, who is currently serving a 20-day sentence for drunk driving.

Comments (2)
  1. A Michigan Athlete says:

    We all know Go Blue is a U of M sports fight call. Get the Blue, as in policemen, takes a new meaning for the Fab Five who are slowly transforming into the Felony Five.

    Apparently we all have troubles

  2. A hard working FATHER says:

    i always find the wisdom of the Oakland County legal system baffling. Mafia style tactics alway seem to improve the relationship between the childs parents. This strongarm tactic never seems to strain the relationship between the father ,does it? We have no idea if the mother even allows him to be a part of the partenting process or has visitation. One would think that garnishments or some other means would improve the situation. A sad day for the system, a sad day for all involved. Finally why does this make the news? I suspect there are hundred of parents behind in support due to this economy. A scarlet A is always the solution. Right?
    Paying child support is important however incarceration is not a solution.

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