Lawrence Technological University will launch a bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering this fall. It is believed to be the first undergraduate program of its kind in Michigan and only the second in the entire country.

The interdisciplinary degree program blends mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science with robotics. In keeping with Lawrence Tech’s motto of theory and practice, the curriculum includes experimental components that give students an avenue for hands-on implementation of the knowledge gained in the classroom.

Robotics engineering is an evolving discipline that goes beyond designing and building remote controlled machines and tethered robot arms. Robotics engineers may design and maintain robots, develop new applications for robots, or conduct research to expand the applications for robots.

Robotic engineers now find employment opportunities in industries that range from automotive to agriculture and medical to mining.

“Robotics has grown to be a primary engineering field in its own right, and with the growing demand for qualified robotics engineers in the related careers, this interdisciplinary degree ensures graduates are provided the tools required for success,” said Assistant Professor Giscard Kfoury, director of the new degree program.

Lawrence Tech also remains unique in Michigan and rare nationally by supplying a computer and all the specialized software programs students need for their course of study, including robotics engineering.

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