Detroit-based iRule has released version 2.0 of its iPhone and iPad app to turn the devices into universal remote controls. Upgrades include two-way feedback capability and channel and program information, volume and more to be viewed on the iPhone or iPad screen.

The new version also includes the standard iRule functions such as macros, or the ability to program one button to perform multiple functions like turn on a TV, change to the correct input and power up a DVD player.

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The iRule Universal Remote Control allows the iOS device to replace multiple remotes with touch screen controls for nearly any household device that uses a remote.

IRule was created by two former automotive engineers, Itai Ben-Gal and Victor Nemirovsky, when they were looking for an easier way to control a home theater system. It offers a solution to accommodate many components and eliminate the clutter caused by multiple remotes with limited uses.

“We based Version 2.0 on extensive customer feedback, and our commitment to keeping up with technology as it continues to evolve” said CTO Nemirovsky.

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IRule’s Pro Edition receives all the updated features of the standard version, while adding two-way communication and importing shared panels. The two-way feedback is a feature that until recently was only found on remote systems costing thousands of dollars. With iRule 2.0, two-way communication now starts at $100 and is incorporated into the simple drag-and-drop-based iRule Builder.

“One of the most significant new features of iRule 2.0 is the feedback capability,” Nemirovsky said. “Two-way communication or feedback allows the user to see volume, input, channel number and description, show info, elapsed time and chapter info and even song or artist info via Pandora, right on their iOS device within iRule.”

IRule is a cloud-based software solution coupled with simple hardware which controls any infrared, RS232 or Ethernet-enabled audio or video equipment, making it compatible with nearly any system or combination of components. A fully customizable interface allows users to simplify controls, upload their own images and personalize menus to their preferences. iRule is also easily updated to control additional components or to migrate to the latest versions of smartphones and tablets, making it the last remote you’ll ever need.

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IRule software is available through Apple’s App Store. The iRule gateway package hardware, available at The company has already sold thousands of units in 23 countries via word-of-mouth among early adopters, home theater professionals and online forums.