DETROIT (WWJ) – Some Detroit neighborhoods are responding to the recent rash of crime by bolstering community groups.

In Hubbard Farms in southwest Detroit, resident Robert Anderson founded his neighborhood’s text alert system last year.

Anderson said 40 neighbors have signed up for the service.

“We let the neighborhood know that we had this system that was kicking in and if anyone wanted to belong to it just to send me their cell number and I’d sign them up and put it in,” Anderson told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Marie Osborne.

Anderson said almost immediately, a neighbor out walking when he saw something unsavory and sent a text.

“He saw a fellow, who was walking in front of him, just pick up a brick and toss it through somebody’s picture window,” Anderson said. “I was home at the time. I ran out of the house. I saw him I grabbed my camera and took a picture, which we were then able to share with the police.”

Police were able to identify the suspect and he was arrested.

Since that time, nearly a dozen police situations received early intervention by neighbors.

The system is free. Anderson says in the last few months, crime in the area has been down.

  1. Sally says:

    This is a true neighborhood watch. The headlines the last few days are “What are the Police going to do?” Well why don’t individual citizens hold each other accountable to behave like civilized human beans. Each person should know destroying another’s property, stealing, assaulting are wrong. Rather than those who know the perpetrators keeping quiet, they must be naming and insisting on the bad guys being arrested. To not revel information is aiding and abetting the criminals, The police cannot do their job without help from the community.

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