I recently purchased a new grill to replace using my Dad’s old Kenmore.  Don’t get me wrong, we had many delicious meals from that Kenmore. but seeing as how it’s anchored at my Mom’s house and my husband kept pointing out the sales on the new models, it was time to put the big girl pants on and purchase a grill of our own.

A grill of our own.

I may have told you about being the grillmaster in my household.  It’s not like I competed for the title or anything, it’s just that I always seem to be the one standing over the grill cooking!  I think this grill must have magical powers; because somehow after a long day at work, cooking outdoors in an apron that says, “Will cook for shoes” does it for me. No complaints here.

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The apron says it all!

And apparently none from the friends and family benefiting from the tasty grilled treats.  In fact, I’ve noticed some truisms born from the first day the grill was fired up.  See if you recognize any of them.

People eat more. When faced with choices from the grill, most folks try some of everything.

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Giving them a choice!

You cook more. I find myself asking, “I wonder what that would taste like on the grill?” I’ve already gone through a propane tank trying to answer that one!

People are more polite. OK, it’s not medieval times usually at the dinner table, but I hear more of, “Can you pass the chicken, salmon, burgers”…you name it. See above point: people eat more.

Finally, here’s a wonder; people will help you clean up quicker. This is part of my marital pact anyway: if I cook, he cleans up (you should try this!) but I have found even the most sated, fall over like a beached whale from eating guest, will still make the gesture of cleaning the grill.  Must be in anticipation of the next meal!

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Joy of grilling!

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