WARREN (WWJ) – The city of Warren is cracking down on those who harbor mosquitoes after the suspected death this week of a Macomb County man from the West Nile Virus.

Mayor Jim Fouts said those who have stagnant pools or ponds and other areas that harbor mosquitoes could face a $1,000 fine.

The mayor said Michigan was one of the top two states in both fatalities and serious illnesses caused by West Nile almost 10 years ago.  Under the new plan, Fouts said said inspectors will look for pools of water in places like dumpsters, wheelbarrows, tires, pipes, drains and flower pots.

Homeowners will be given a warning and a chance to fix the problem.

“Every effort will be put forth to protect Warren residents against the dangers posed by mosquito infestation. This year is of particular concern because of the very heavy rain that this area has encountered in the last several months,” said Fouts, in a statement released Friday.

“It’s likely that if we cannot control mosquito breeding in early summer we will have to undergo heavy mosquito biting in late summer and early fall,” he said.

Fouts’ Mosquito Eradication, Education and Prevention program includes:

1) Property Maintenance inspectors will be trained by the engineering  department for the proper use of the briquettes.

2) Property Maintenance inspectors will be directed to identify pools  or ponds of water which would be ideal breeding grounds for mosquito’s. They will also identify other potential breeding areas for mosquitos such as dumpsters, wheelbarrows, tires, hubcaps, garden equipment, pool covers, pipes, drains, recycling bins, flower pots, buckets and clogged rain gutters.

3) Citizens will be encouraged to check the above items and make sure they are emptied of standing stagnant water.

4) If inspectors identify stagnant pools and other major sources of  mosquito breeding homeowners will be notified that they must eliminate the problem or if not they may face fines up to $1000.

5) The Warren DPW will distribute the briquettes to the 18,000 catch  basins.

6) The Recreation Department will direct and train their employees to  identify and then treat places of standing water in the parks with “mosquito dunks” which are similarly shaped like hockey pucks. They dissolve in water and kill the larvae.

7) The Communication Dept will offer prevention and treatment tips to  residents via their Newsbeat seasonal flyer which will be mailed out in July.

8) The city will also mail out mosquito information in its monthly water bill.

9) City will contact county officials to get their help in treating catch basins  on county roads Van Dyke, Mound, and Schoenherr.

Fouts is encouraging officials in other Metro Detroit cities to adopt a smiliar plan.

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  1. none@none.com says:

    New World Order Control FREAKS – Stay of my property. Trespassers will be shot on sight.

    1. 51Phantom says:

      Survivors will be shot again!

  2. Old One says:

    The joys of bureaucratic socialism never cease. The Michigan economy has so thoroughly been destroyed by overeaching bureaucrats and their pol pimps that its legions of overpaid bureauweenies can’t collect enough income & sales taxes and have now resorted to the fines that they capriciously impose. Obviuusly the citizens of Warren need tto fumigaate the plague of pqarasites ensconsed at city hall..

  3. Leb says:

    I can tell you all where the mosquitoes are coming from….Detroit! Stagnant water all over and I have pics to prove it. This is a waste of taxpayers monies to the inspectors and insane to charge people a $1000 fine if found guilty, which most people cannot afford. Oh, look out….water in my flower pot, oh, my.

  4. njm says:

    I like the ” . . . pools or ponds and other areas that harbor mosquitoes . . . ” bit. It sets up an interesting dilema for the hapless landowner . . . get jacked up by the city for your wetland, or get jacked up by the federal government for illegally altering the wetland.

    Which route should the knocked-around member of the regulated community choose?

  5. Constance says:

    Harboring mosquitoes? Harboring? I wasn’t aware it was actually possible to harbor mosquitoes.

  6. BoBoReBezo says:

    And when one of these posters here gets West Nile… they will be complaining (and probably suing) that the government did nothing to try to prevent it. Go figure. So typically American.

    1. zipitbozo says:

      Only the libidiots in this country would think it was the government’s responsibility to keep them from getting sick, or that they could sue for getting bit by a mosquito. Sorry. That whole nursing off Uncle Sam’s tit thing is all YOU. So typically Marxist. Go figure.

  7. maddogdean says:

    Oh the irony. Our inner cities are war zones and they can’t seem to do anything about it yet ONE person dies from a bug and the government can come on your private property and fine you and maybe put you in jail because of standing water. In the last few weeks three people have died from parasites in three different rivers and are they going to dry those rivers up?

  8. Cass says:

    I am responsible for the mosquitos now, too? Soooo – exactly what does the government do? What do we have them for? Seems all they do is spend all my money and blame me for all the world’s problems. I can do bad on my own. And I’d have more cash left.

  9. Don Lond says:

    Of course the cure will send the eco-worshipers into space-just add oil to the water and the larvea won’t be able to attach to the surface of the ..dah dum, dah dum, (jaws music playing) stagnant pools!

    I hope Obama doesn’t get fined for being complicit with those cups on his favorite golf course harboring the dreaded stagnant water.

    I’d suggest the left use the same cure on the mosquitoes that they use so well on excess humans -abort them -one at a time.

    1. serr8d says:

      Thread winner. Oil on the surface of water (wouldn’t take much) prevents mosquito larvae from breathing.

      Was published in the Boy Scout manuals until the eco-Nazis came along.

  10. ENOUGH says:

    Just like mosquitos these liberal big goverment bureaucrats need to keep sucking blood to keep their bloated illegal immigrant drained budgets alive. $1000 fine for a f$%$#^g puddle. F^%K THEM

  11. Michele Lloyd says:

    As Detroit is a cesspool willed, will the mayor fine himself?

  12. BoBoReBezo says:

    Judging by so many of the whining comments here, I can see why you all are living in a ‘cesspool’ as you call it. You all deserve whatever you get. Love the positive attitude! Please stay in Michigan. LOL!

  13. jan says:

    PETA immediately came to the defense of the mosquitoes and promised to hire a lawyer to defend them in court.

  14. Htos1 says:

    Calling ALL patriots to resistr-refuse!Don’t pay ANYTHING to these african-style nappy doodles in powere-resist!Resist!MLK is spinning in his grave!

  15. Fred says:

    The “authority” of government is no longer recognized. It will stand down immediately. Failure to do so will justify the Second American Revolution.

  16. I-RIGHT-I says:

    Numbnuts 8:32 can’t even spell teabagging. He’s probably teabagging right now.

  17. romeovidc says:

    If I were one of the “inspectors”, I would watch out when stepping onto private property. Some property owners might just be trying to eradicate mosquitoes with a .45 and accidentally spot one of the varmits on the inspector’s back.

  18. Woody says:

    The mayor may find himself afoul of the law here. The federal wetlands laws will impose penalties on those who harm wetlands, even roadside ditches, regardless of the mosquitos. So you get fined twice – once by the mayor, and once by the feds. Friggin’ gubmint!

  19. Alfred Newman says:

    “Mayor Jim Fouts said those who have stagnant pools or ponds and other areas that harbor mosquitoes could face a $1,000 fine.” Fine? They don’t need no stinking fine,mthey need to be hung by the neck till they are dead, dead, dead, just like that do good ole senator byrd talked about on the senate floor.

  20. lec says:

    The gov is courageous when it comes to beating up on honest people.

  21. OklahomaBound says:

    The leftist eco-terrorist must feel like they are in a Catch-22 on this one. They want to side with their beloved Big Government on one hand, but on the other they probably want to declare the mosquitoes as an endangered species so they can tie up more land from being developed.

  22. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Anything for some of that illegally obtained citizen money for your little projects huh? I wonder what they will spend the money on for real?
    They always say it’s going back to the community, but really, is it?

    If you all know whats’s good for you, you will fight this, go to court and just nullify this by jury nullification.

  23. John C says:

    Is this a sting operation?

    1. 51Phantom says:

      No, that would be if you are harboring killer bees. This is a prick operation.

  24. Erik says:

    $1000 fine? That’s pretty steep, you can almost but a house in Detroit for that. Its like me in San Diego getting fined $200,000 for a puddle.

  25. frankola says:

    Fouts needs to learn how to use one birth date and how to renew your licence on your birthday when Secretary of state requires you to.

  26. Mark Numbers says:

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