FERNDALE (WWJ) – A Ferndale man claims he’s found a cure for his cancer and it’s now legal in Michigan.

WWJ’s Sandra McNeill spoke with Michael McShane who claims he’s been using a topical oil made from medical marijuana on the skin cancer on his forehead and in just over two months it’s nearly gone.

“I’ve got biopsies, chart notes, photographs … in about three weeks I’m going to go back  and really wrap this part of the case up,” said McShane. “It’s made the same way a lot of the fragrances and perfumes are made, and the oil is applied, in my case, directly to the skin, and within 10 weeks my cancer is gone.”

McShane claims the oil is harmless.

“From a topical standpoint I don’t experience any euphoria,” said McShane.

McShane freely admits that he has smoked marijuana since he was in his teens, “It went from a party to a cure for cancer,” he said.

“That’s not entirely true,” said dermatologist Dr. Ali Moiin.

His dermatologist did not recommend the oil and denies that McShane is completely cured, but said the cancer cells have decreased by up to 60 percent.

“There is some active substance, I’m sure, in cannabis that will help improvement of sun damage,” said Moiin. “You still have some residual ones, but the size has definitely decreased.”

Moiin said the results so far definitely warrant further scientific study for the use of cannabis  for treating skin cancer.

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  1. Count says:

    This is called “hemp oil”… Watch one hour video “Run from the Cure”,
    The Rick Simpson Story.
    Dermatologist/Oncologist may be put out of business with this oil.

    There is a cure for cancer!

  2. FreshRepublic says:

    Google “Phoenix Tears”.

  3. Right Reverend Gregory Karl Davis says:

    Our ministry has been investigating the claims of Rick Simpson in Run from the Cure since the late summer of 2008 when this video first appeared on youtube. We can confirm that radical cures of skin cancer are common place with ‘hash oil’ made from either the cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. We have also been privy to other types of skin tumor cures. Generally the claims of curing liver and prostrate cancer are also common with a high CBD content cannabis indica. Colon, stomach and breast cancers seemingly do not respond but our investigations have pointed to a blockage of the CB1 receptor as the culprit with 10 tea bags steeped in water taken daily may prove beneficial. Cannabis indica is generally recommended. Cannabis sativa is to be avoided. Hepatitis C and Crohn’s disease complete remission with cannabis indica with elevated CBD content are the norm.

  4. Mile Hi Mmj Patient says:

    We will see more and more people coming forward with these types of stories. It works. I don’t recommend relying on it completely; always talk with your doctor about your treatment plan.

    Congrats Michael!

  5. anna says:

    i use hemp seed oil on any growths or warts and then I put Zinc oxice creme over the hemp oil…i just got rid of a growth on my scalp this way in 7 days…with hemp seed oil i had the growth for 10 yr.s; the growth is cured!

  6. Chris says:

    For every need there is a seed.

  7. AJ says:

    If you cure it (cancer..,Diabetes etc..)completely…well then you just destroy any long-term selling of “condition-management ” drugs from bigtime pharmaceuticlal corporations…. and well, thats’ just simply destroying the capitolistic aims of our founding fathers…or..or…or.. something!!!

    Gosh Darn it!! Keep ’em sick…but make ’em PAY!!! Cure em once and there done paying for the drug once and fer all…WE SIMPLY CAN’T HAVE THAT!!
    Wot would the shareholders say??!

  8. Hempangle says:

    Is there some place that says you have to have a degree to cure cancer?The country i live in lets you use what ever you want to cure your illness’s.The top 2 are baking soda and cannabis oil.It should be the same way everywhere.In the US you do as the government says.The chemo and radiation does not kill all the cancer.If you believe what the doctor is telling you,you don’t have a chance in hell of living a full life without illness.The world as we have lived it is comming to an abrupt halt soon and it will be everyone for themselves.When this happens the people can use what ever means they want to to cure their illness’s.Alot of the drugs that the US takes are made in other country’s and they are demanding more money for them.The doctors make alot of money on chemotherapy drugs and they don’t care if it cures you or not.

  9. Dave says:

    What a fraud this dermatologist is. His patient is cured by a non-harmful natural substance and he basically seems to be against it. The shame of the modern ‘medicine’ industry.

  10. Stolzy says:

    Dave, the dermatologist did say it warrants further research, but he’s not in a position yet where he can recommend it. Remember, there are (serious) legal ramifications if he does and turns out to be wrong (which can only be known with, well, further research).

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  12. Gage TownDog says:

    I don’t know about shin care but marijuana has saved me a fortune in gout and arthritis medicine.

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