DETROIT (WWJ) – He’s got a commanding presence, a Carhartt Jacket for the cold and even a Red Wings jersey — but he doesn’t have a name. Heading into the playoffs, we’ve got to ask: What should we call the big tiger at Comerica Park?

WWJ’s Sandra McNeill was at the ballpark trying to find an answer to that question when she ran into Detroit native Darrell Johnson, who said he has a name for the fierce-looking cat.

“Control,” he said laughing. “Paws… no that’s the old days, man, that’s at Michigan and Trumbull. We gotta get something that’s upstanding a new standard here. It just looks like it’s commanding, in control. I mean, look at it. It’s large, it sticks out and shows that I’m in command here and that the Tigers are in command.”

Tiger’s fan Deb Scarboro said there’s only one name for her.

“The statue is so outstanding, it just pops out at you. So, I think Sparky. Sparky was tough and [the statue] should be tough. That should be Sparky.”

But others, such as Rob Toureck from Clarkston, have no clue what the tiger’s name should be.

“I don’t know, I  mean I had a hard time naming my cat when I got her.”

Whatever the case, there’s no debating that Metro Detroiter’s have love for the big cat. He’s a fan favorite for a photo-op and can often be seen making an appearance in game day photos, Facebook profile photos and even wedding photos.

What would you name the statue? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Debbie Adams says:

    Definately Sparky

  2. Matt says:

    Ear’ em UP

  3. pbohm says:

    Lets have a contest to name him!

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