Girl Asks Officer, 'Why Did You Stop Me? I'm Driving Pretty Good!'

BROWNSTOWN TWP. (WWJ) – A Brownstown Township man is facing child endangerment charges for allegedly letting his 9-year-old daughter play chauffeur after he’d apparently been drinking.

It happened in Brownstown Township at around 3 a.m. October 8. Someone called police after watching the girl get behind the wheel as the pair stopped at a gas station.

Listen to the 911 call:

Brownstown Township Detective Lt. Robert Grant said the young girl may not have even been tall enough to see over the steering wheel. When police pulled her over they found her sitting in a booster seat.

“Ironically enough, she asked the uniformed officer at the scene, ‘Why did you stop me? I’m driving pretty good,'” said Grant. “So, the police officer then had to explain to her that she didn’t have any right to be driving at 9 years old.”

“She was genuinely surprised that the officer was stopping her because apparently the father had her convinced that she was able to operate a motor vehicle,” he said.

The father, who was arrested, told police he was teaching his daughter how to drive. Charges against the man include felony child endangerment, but he could end up behind bars for almost 20 years because of his criminal history.

The girl, whose parents are divorced, is reportedly now with her mother.

Comments (27)
  1. meggafish says:

    I’m with her, if she was driving well, why pull her over? There’s a lot of 70-80 year olds who shouldn’t drive.

    1. Tom Palermo says:

      You’ve obviously never driven in Indiana! There are many people of all ages that shouldn’t be driving! Between chatting & texting on cell phones, and the epidemic running of red lights, the roads are very dangerous here!

  2. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Father of the year 2011.

    1. J.D. says:

      Lol, you beat me to the punch!

  3. Real Rick says:

    Hope they lock him up long enough to kick the sauce! 20 years would be nice.

  4. Mark says:

    20 years is excessive. I drove a VW bug at about that age. No biggy.

  5. Carlo B. says:

    1 month is excessive if the dude was drinking through him into AA and say don’t do it again. He has a daughter to raise and a family to provide for, 20 years is first degree murder type stuff guys, come on.

    1. Erik says:

      Agreed. Twenty years means a lot of taxpayer money instead of taxes paid as this man worked. And would he learn his lesson 20 times better? Hardly. If they’re going to call it a “corrections” facility, let it be for that purpose. Like you said, put him through AA and solve his real problem. Chances are, it’s the drink that caused his divorce too.

    2. Frank Alexander says:

      Best punishment for him and for society’s sake would be to make him remarry his ex-wife, so he and his daughter both can get some reality grounding.

  6. JohnB says:

    She probably drives better than 99% of teens 10 years her elder.

  7. Steven Goodwin says:

    Age has VERY little to do with the ability to a piece of machinery. Like a previous poster has said, she probably drives better that a lot of 70 year old people.
    I learned how to steer a car when I was 3/4 from my grandfathers lap and learned how to drive a ‘3-on-the-tree’ when I was 9. It’s no big deal

    1. omstrat says:

      9 years old …driving ..and you see nothing wrong with that? Maybe you need to be put away too

      1. BJ says:

        Pretty common for folks who own/work farms. Driving much larger, more dangerous pieces of equipment is how you get things done.

  8. Rich says:

    He did not get 20 yrs for this people. He MAY get 20 yrs “because of his criminal history”, meaning he probably had warrants or a couple of strikes against him.

  9. Bobert says:

    I can’t believe they didn’t bleep the citizens name!

  10. Rational says:

    You people are idiots.

    1. J.D. says:

      What, all of us? What’s YOUR problem?

  11. jerry says:

    When my wife was that age, she use to drive her uncle around when he was drunk. And they always got home safe.

  12. BubbaT says:

    Too damn funny.

    “Now officer, by state law I am the designated driver and as such am afforded certain concessions and privileges. Now while I respect your position, I must insist you allow me to continue on to my destination. Thank you and good evening”

  13. Scott Laux says:

    That dispatcher was great. Very smart and professional.

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