By Christy Strawser
CBS Detroit Managing Editor

Pity poor Robert Ritchie. The Detroit native known around the world as Kid Rock, the breakout musician behind “Born Free” and “Cowboy”, has barely $37 million to throw around.

And that puts him near the bottom of a roundup of Michigan’s richest residents.

A survey of some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment and business shows from shows that while the national economy may still be in a holding pattern, some in Michigan are soaring.

The state’s richest stars include Motown musicians, hockey hall of famers, current Detroit Tigers, politicians — and one very wealthy Material Girl. Some of the rankings may come as a surprise. It’s true: Diana Ross has more money than Bob Seger; the founder of Meijer Thrifty Acres has more cash than the patriarch of the Ford family; and Eminem could buy Kid Rock three times over.

On the list are:
*Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, the east side native, Grammy winning rapper and actor.

*Mike Ilitch, founder of the Little Caesar’s pizza chain, owner of the Detroit Red Wings, Tigers and the Fox Theatre in Detroit.

*Bob Seger, whose hits started in the 1970’s and just keep coming.

*Madonna, the Rochester, Mich., native who has sold more than 200 million albums, 64 of them certified as gold.

*Elena Ford, the global marketing director of Ford Motor Co., who stayed under the radar until an arrest last year for drunken driving. In addition to her Ford family heritage, she’s the daughter of Stavros Niarchos, the Greek shipping magnate.

*Tigers’ star Miguel Cabrera, who earns $19 million a year.

*Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford, whose six-year contract pays him $70 million.

*Smokey Robinson, the first person signed to Motown records, who has hit songs spanning 50 years.

*Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, son of a former Michigan governor, who owns private equity firm Bain Capital.

*Richard Devos, founder of Amway.

*Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records.

*Diana Ross, who has had 17 albums on the Billboard Top 40 from The Supremes era in the 1960’s to her own solo work, Broadway shows and movies.

*Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans and revitalizer of downtown Detroit.

*Dave Coulier, the comedian who was born in St. Clair Shores and gained fame in the show “Full House.”

The List
Richard Devos Sr. – $5 Billion*
Frederik G.H. Meijer – $5 Billion*
Mike Ilitch – $2 Billion*
Dan Gilbert – $1.5 Billion*
William Clay Ford Sr. – $1.2 Billion*
Madonna – $500 Million**
Berry Gordy – $345 Million**
Mitt Romney – $250 Million**
Diana Ross – $160 Million**
Elena Ford – $125 Million**
Eminem – $115 Million**
Smokey Robinson – $100 Million**
Miguel Cabrera – $70 Million**
Sparky Anderson (In 2010) – $60 Million**
Bob Seger – $45 Million**
Kid Rock – $37 Million**
Matthew Stafford – $15 Million**
Gordie Howe – $8 Million**
Dave Coulier – $4 Million**
Dennis “The Worm” Rodman – $500,000**
*Source: Forbes

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  1. Todd Clemmer says:

    Is this your list for the “occupy” movements” CBS? Lets see what the CEO’s of CBS make while your at it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel sick. I guess I’d have to be a billionare in order to understand how people can live with themselves while children and elderly go hungry, schools fail, services dry up and …
    Mike Illitch is one of the slum lords making Detroit look bad. And there’s also Matty Maroun (Ambassador Bridge, train station).

  3. John Lonberger says:

    The gluttony of these fine folk is utterly shocking. OK, so is the gluttony of the multitudes of welfare kings and queens who exist simply to suck on the public teat. What do these two groups have in common? Politics! The politicians are our very own “pigs at the trough” who feather their OWN beds by giving candy to the shiftless from the pockets of the rich and honest working people.

  4. WE WILL KILL says:

    EAT the RICH!!!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Jon, IF you are referring to black people, you must consider the history. Brought here and enslaved, helped build the country, “freed” then disenfranchised from what little they may have had. and to this day treated as second class citizens. And, don’t throw Obama, Cain and post-racial BS up, please.
    Those who never were able to pull up their non-existent bootstraps live in a cycle of despair. Many – it seems – turn to crime because they want to get things themselves instead of having to beg and be humiliated by DHS. Of course there are people sucking the teat, but a lot of them were created by our society. No land, no inheritance, poor schools, depression, unjustly imprisoned…I could go on. I am black. I went to 2 of the best universities in Michigan. I have never been able to have 1 job that paid enough for me to live decently and in a fairly safe community. I have a boatload of college debt that is privately owned and am no longer to work because of an unseen disability – which I have battled all of my life – got the better of me 5+ years ago. I am now on Medicare and receiving Medicaid because I can not pay for a seriously needed surgery AND, even as I struggle to pay my way in life, I know that I am one of the lucky ones. I have private shelter, food and clothing.
    Now, John, IF you are referring to anyone receiving welfare, etc., you must know that there are more white people on it than black people. Simple math. Part of the reason these occupy movements are happening is because the blatant greed has reached middleclass whites. Most black people are loathe or afraid to get their hopes up because in the end, we are still not going to be considered part of the equation. No matter who “wins” politically. However, with President Obama in a second term, we will be better off than if a Republican is elected.

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