FERNDALE (WWJ) – A Ferndale man credits a lot of boredom…a little creativity and his mother’s mannequin for leading him to a budding new career.

As WWJ’s Sandra McNeill reports — the designer makes dresses out of paper.

Matthew Richmond, 32, has designed and sold over a hundred of the designer paper cocktail dresses.

The dresses … some made out of old issues of the Metro Times, gift wrap or possibly menus — run over $200.

Richmond told WWJ that there is a unique audience for his sculptural art dresses.

“(It’s) definitely someone who is … I don’t want to say out there, but definitely someone a little different, somebody that just doesn’t want something off the rack, and something more creative,” said Richmond.

He says the oddest thing he’s used to make a dress is video tape: “Pulled the tape right out of the cassette and I made a dress out of it, a little black dress actually, so it’s pretty cool.”

Richmond says that he’s been involved in three exhibits this year, and has several more planned in 2012.

Richmond launched  “The Paper Doll Exhibit” at Valentine Distilling Company in Fernale on Aug. 11. View photos, here.

Find more of Richmond’s paper dresses here.

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  1. John D Lamb says:

    Comments please.

  2. Kleentx says:

    Back in the 1960s, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. had a Yellow Pages promotion and gave dresses made out of the Yellow Pages to their female employees. My mother still has her dress. It was a simple A-line, sleeveless style, designed to be worn only once.