DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit Catholic Central High School says it has no connection to an insult-filled letter aimed at Cass Tech High School’s football team. Cass Tech beat the Shamrocks for the Division One state crown on Saturday.

The letter questions the eligibility of Cass Tech’s players and says in five years they will be “failures,” either “unemployed, in jail, addicted to drugs or worse.”

Catholic Central principal, Father John Huber said the letter is signed by a “Jack Baughman,” and though the letter writer claims to have attended the game, there’s no one by that name with ties to the school.

“We are disgusted by the cruel content of that nasty letter. It violates everything that Catholic Central stands for. And the people that were most upset were our students, who came to us first thing this morning and showed [the letter] to us and were very, very upset that people would even insuinate that [the letter] could come from anybody associated with C.C.,” said Huber.

“It just doesn’t make any sense because it violates everything that we stand for. It violates the gospel, it violates everything we’re trying to teach our kids every single day and it’s just the nasty, cruel tone of it, just is totally out of line and totally uncalled for,” Huber continued.

Detroit Public Schools called the letter “trash” and said it’s “not worthy of a response.”

The following is the text of the letter, which was allegedly sent to Cass Tech’s football coach Thomas Wilcher:

Dear Mr. Wilcher,

I had the misfortune of attending Saturday’s game. As I watched, I wondered how many of your players would be academically eligible if they attended a real school rather than a DPS holding tank. While graduation rates may be high, a recent study concluded only 4.4% of DPS public school graduates are academically prepared to advance to higher education.

Questions abound: Do your players regularly attend class? Are they, even by DPS standards, eligible? As one looks at the declining enrollment freshman-senior, it is clear that DPS is a failure and in five years your players will be unemployed, in jail, addicted to drugs or worse. In a word — failures. So while Cass celebrates today, the future is bleak and you and everyone associated with DPS is an utter failure, hence, we have Detroit — a city about to be handed over to a financial manager.

The ghetto warriors had their Saturday but, in life, they are losers.

Jack Baughman

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  1. 1967 Cass Technician says:

    I will respond.

    I keep saying racism strongly affects the way Detroit moves forward. Jack Baughman proves the point. I also bet Baughman does not live in Detroit. I also wonder if Baughman has affiliation with Catholic Central but choses politics over religion. The problem isn’t Cass Tech (my high school from 1964 to 1967). The problem is the America cemented to historical prejudice and thefore ignorance. America needs to get smarter and work together.

  2. Michael C says:

    I am an African-American graduate of CC. My four years there were the best of my life that I will cherish forever. My family and I were an active part of the community and treated with respect and dignity. I am the man who I am today because of my family, because of CC, and because of the ways in which my family were intimately involved in CC on a regular basis. That’s the kind of stuff that never hits the press, however… May God bless both Cass Tech and CC – God created us all.

  3. Bill says:

    Unfortunately the letter writer never states his affiliation with anything, he could be some whack job who just hates Detroit. Either way assumptions lead to misunderstanding and false accusations. Much in the way the letter writer assumes that the Cass Tech players are not academically up to par. Not everything is rooted in racism…some people, like this Baughman guy, are just idiots.

  4. Brother Tom says:

    Hmmm….how much of the letter is really wrong, aside from the raciest comment of “ghetto warriors”? I mean, the statistics are true after all and white people have nothing to do with Detroit’s failures.


    1. Tiger says:

      you suck. your racist

  5. Detroit Guy says:

    Father Huber, and exactly what does Detroit Catholic Central stand for, now that it has moved away from the city to Novi?

    1. Michael C says:

      I think he’d say that it stands for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which has no boundaries or borders…

    2. Scott A says:

      Detroit Catholic Central’s motto on our coat of arms is “Teach me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge”. Those are the 3 principles of the Basilian Fathers who run CC. We pride ourselves in our Christian values and I am surprised that such a letter would be linked to our high school with no mention in the letter of any affliation with any school. It is an idiot that has taken the joy out of the wonderful celebration for Cass Tech on their state championship. They beat my school worse than any team I have ever seen in my lifetime on the biggest stage in high school sports. I am happy for them and proud on how boths team acted during and after the game. This letter is horrible and I know all alumni that I associate with are appalled.

      1. Detroit Guy says:

        While that’s very noble and pious, and I have no doubt that the CC alumni you associate with shares your disgust, the migratory patterns of CC’s campus are thus:

        1928-1978: Detroit Catholic Central
        1978-2005 Redford Catholic Central
        2005 – Present Novi Catholic Central

        I can’t help but get the obvious impression that CC is a white flight school for white flight alumni. And sadly, I’ve heard too many CC people whose sentiments echo “Mr. Baughman’s” when they think they are amongst like minded people and aren’t being judged (I’m white, BTW).

  6. Dr Jack Grenan says:

    Detrpit guy, I am a Detroit kid Wyoming and Schoolcratf until I went to MSU 1970. I also hitch hiked every day to & from CC on Outer Drive. You are obviously very color conscious as you make sure to point out your race.

    I wonder how you have contact with so many CC grads as they live outside the City? i also am honest and i have congratulated U of D for staying in their location. You are right CC serves a certain part of the population. That is not wrong as CC provides a Catholic education where it is needed and can be afforded. The tuition at any private school is out of reach for most families as the declining Catholicaand other private high schools
    As for the game and Cass Tech , they beat our butts and were great! cass has always had a great rep for academics. You personally have a grudge against CC . maybe you did not attend or money was an issue as it was for my family. i was lucky that my grand parents paid for my education.
    If you have a problem with white flight you have millions of people to be angry at including Afro -Americans who left . it was ALL about $$$ as always. those who could afford it left. My friends & neighbors, black and white ( Oh my God I said Black!..PC ) left. Good luck and God bless all, I have bigger issues in life than petty prejudice…God Bless us all as Tim said because we need it!
    PS I use my real name as I defend my statements and do not hide as many do.

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