On Friday’s Stoney and Bill show we’re going to do another of our wildly successful Mt. Rushmore’s where we pick the topic and you the listener get to choose four of your favorites. We tally the votes and at the end of the show we reveal our Mt. Rushmore. This time around we’re asking you to tell us your favorite Saturday Night Live characters. You can see one of mine in the video below…

It has to be a character who has appeared on the show at least twice. It’s tough to choose just one Chris Farley character (by the way, all four can be from the same performer). How do you choose between Matt Foley, Gap Girls, Da Bears and the Chris Farley show, just to name a few? With 36 years worth of skits I’ll say there are plenty to choose from. My only question is whether any from the last three years or so will be mentioned. You can call us beginning at 6:45 a.m. Friday at 248-539-9797.


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