How students manage distressing situations and how they get along with others is part of the equation for success that usually begins in college.

The ability to manage it well is called emotional intelligence.

Armed with decades of research, author Daniel Goleman identifies 4 components of emotional intelligence that will turn struggling students into more successful ones.

#1. Emotional self-awareness. Students need to understand their mood changes and be able to make effective decisions.

#2. Emotional self-management. This comes into play when students overcome powerful emotions to make wise choices. It’s also knowing how to calm down before making a decision.

#3. Social awareness. Students who are socially aware, have people skills and show empathy toward others.

#4. Relationship management. This is the ability to listen, resolve conflict and manage the emotions of others. Strengthening their emotional intelligence will make college more fulfilling and prepare students for career experiences as well.

Content provided by Oakland University