TROY — Software development company Copper Range said Thursday it has  added significant features, improving the functionality of its job site access control system CRScan.

Within the reporting function of CRScan a worker’s scanned hours are calculated and subtotaled, providing detailed data for workers coming in and out of a given facility. The new time auditing function also attaches the geographic location of a worker’s scan and allows CRScan users to export data for further manipulation.

Copper Range CTO Dr. Peter Kochevar said, “These are very powerful features that provide added value to all users of CRScan: workers, owners and sub contractors. Our customers love the additional functions”.

Additionally, the cellular connection of each CRScan access point is now independently monitored, allowing Safety Administrators to remotely know when they have a power issue. As with all of Copper Range’s products, CRScan’s Web-based platform means that all of these features are accessible wherever the internet is available.

Copper Range specializes in developing data exchange solutions using the latest computer, Internet, cellular and communications technologies. CR products include patented Rules Based Jobsite Access Control (RBJAC) software, wireless devices and all-digital Web-based systems to replace cumbersome paper-based processes. CR products have over 125,000 registered users and have been used on over 3,000 projects world-wide ranging from small projects to large scale construction projects over $3 billion in contract value. CR clients include some of the largest industrial, manufacturing, construction and entertainment companies in the world.


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