DETROIT (WWJ) – The key to a successful diet consists of two parts: eating healthy and exercise. Yet, the lack of both healthy food choices and time to work out prevents many college students from keeping their New Year’s resolution of losing weight.

A recent survey conducted by OnCampus Research, a division of the National Association of College Stores, discovered that 54.2 percent of students find it difficult to set aside time to work out. In fact, almost 30 percent of students admit they do not exercise every week.

With students not having the time to exercise, eating healthy is essential. However, about 35 percent of students find it difficult to eat healthy on campus.

More than 20 percent of students are unhappy with the selection of healthy options in the dining hall or food court, while even more are dissatisfied with the healthfulness of the on-the-go meals and snacks available.

Overall, almost 35 percent of college students find it challenging to maintain their goal weight.


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