Is your lady not a fan of you spending any time in a strip club? Have you come home smelling like some strange woman (a woman named Candy or Mercedes) and your fine and lovely accuses you of cheating? Thankfully, a strip club in South Africa has figured out a way to help their patrons mask the intoxicating blend of sweat, booze, and cheap perfume before they get home.

The Mavericks club in Cape Town is introducing a line of aftershaves called “Alibis” and it comes in three scents:

‘My Car Broke Down,’ which smells like gasoline, burnt rubber, grease and metal.

‘I Was Working Late,’ which smells like coffee, wool suits, cigarettes, and ink.

And the regionally specific, ‘I Was Out Sailing,’ which has the scent of ocean spray, sea salt, and cotton rope.

Will she fall for it? Who knows, but if you want to give it a shot, each one is $37.50 per bottle and is supposed to be available by mail order soon.


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