GRAND RAPIDS — Dematic, supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse, and distribution center, Tuesday announced it had extended the functionality of the RapidPick System, a goods-to-person order fulfillment system for piece pick applications.

RapidPick consists of an engineered work station that automatically rotates containers of SKUs in and out so that the operator can efficiently perform order fulfillment tasks. RapidPick is typically integrated with an inventory staging buffer, such as Dematic Multishuttle, that stores and delivers SKUs to the RapidPick work station for order fulfillment.

The first enhancement includes a new variation of the pick station that allows the operator to “put” items to multiple orders. While the initial release of RapidPick includes a 1:1 pick station that features one donor SKU position and one order position, the new RapidPick station features the option of picking and putting items into multiple order positions. Typical configurations include 1:6, 1:12, and 1:24. The modular design of the pick stations allows the user to configure the pick station with the quantity of order positions that is most productive for the application.

The second enhancement to the RapidPick System functionality is the ability to handle cartons in addition to totes.

“The RapidPick System can accommodate distribution operations that pick customer orders directly to the shipper, typically a cardboard carton.” says Mike Khodl, vice president of solution development at Dematic. “Furthermore, the RapidPick put positions can utilize cartons of varying sizes.”

This configuration creates more options for operational flexibility and fewer steps in the process; complete orders can travel directly to the case sealing and shipping area.

In addition, the inventory staging engine that supports the RapidPick station with inventory can accommodate a variety of load types. The RapidPick System is typically supplied with SKU totes from the Dematic Multishuttle or Dematic RapidStore sub-system. Both the Multishuttle and RapidStore staging buffer can accommodate a variety of load sizes and types. Both staging buffers can be configured with a loading handling device that will automatically “flex” to accept various load widths. Load types handled include totes, cartons, and trays.

The RapidPick System, with these new enhancements, brings order assembly productivity to a higher level of performance. According to Ken Ruehrdanz, Distribution Market Manager at Dematic, “It’s all about operational flexibility. With this wider array of configurations, the RapidPick System can accommodate retail store or e-commerce orders, fluctuations in single line/multi-line orders, as well as multiple container sizes while improving order/inventory accuracy, worker ergonomics, and processing speed.”

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