Charlie Langton spoke with Jalen Rose about a number of topics. Rose discussed his charter school, the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, and talked about changing the culture of Detroit kids to help them care about a great education — to feel that they can be successful, productive adults. He talked about keeping kids from drugs, gangs, pregnancy, etc. Kids need to be exposed to positive things in their environment including a solid education with parents who care.

Rose says Dave Bing’s job — being the mayor of Detroit — is the second hardest job in America, behind President of the United States. Does he want the job? He says he’s willing to make the sacrifice and to stay tuned! He loves Detroit and wants to do anything it takes to help the city. Listen to the interview and decide if he sounds like somebody who’s planning to make a run.

What does he think of the job Joe Dumars is doing? Listen to find out!

He recently spent time in jail for drunk driving. How did he feel about that 20 days behind bars?

Listen to the full interview below:


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