TROY — Pay Anywhere, a mobile payments system, has released an upgrade to its iOS app. Apple users can upgrade to version 1.5 of Pay Anywhere to start taking advantage of a multitude of new features.

Included are landscape support, cash drawer functionality, and AirPrint or Star thermal printer compatibility.

Pay Anywhere version 1.5 allows the use of the entire app in either Portrait or Landscape mode. Both iPhone and iPad users can easily rotate from Portrait to Landscape mode. This feature was added directly in response to requests from merchants who desired the Landscape orientation.

The added ability of Pay Anywhere to be linked to a cash drawer enhances the existing cash feature. For cash transactions, a merchant can simply open his cash drawer to provide change due at the push of a button. Additionally, merchants can print receipts for customers directly from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with an AirPrint-enabled printer or Star thermal printer. With the addition of the cash drawer and wireless printing, Pay Anywhere can serve as a POS system for merchants who need the added functionality.

Multiple items may now be entered manually on a single transaction. Manually entered items can include a description, picture, quantity, and tax. This allows for the quick addition of items without creating an inventory. Alternately, Pay Anywhere improved the Inventory feature to allow for even faster access to items. Merchants can now sort items by price or by alphabetical order.

Pay Anywhere also expanded its built-in reporting to provide merchants with greater visibility of their money. Heat Maps allow merchants to view and locate historical sales trends on a Google Map. The Heat Map report also lists the details of individual transactions.

Other features of Pay Anywhere version 1.5 include performance and security enhancements for improved usability with the free Pay Anywhere credit card reader and the current iOS 5.0.1.

Created by the Troy-based credit card processor North American Bancard, Pay Anywhere is the best way for mobile merchants to accept credit card payments through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Pay Anywhere version 1.5 can be downloaded for free on the App Store by both current and new users. Pay Anywhere comes with a free credit card reader and there are no upfront costs, monthly minimums, or monthly fees. Funds are received with two days of a processed transaction.

Vendors can apply online by visiting or by calling Pay Anywhere at (877) 387-5640.

As a registered MSP/ISO since 1992, North American Bancard provides its clients with a full suite of products and services including Credit, Debit, EBT, Check Conversion and Guarantee, ATM, Gift and Loyalty Card and Online Payment Gateway solutions. NAB processes more than $12 billion in electronic transactions annually for more than 125, 000 merchants nationwide. For more information, visit

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