Congressman Ron Paul has been quiet on the topic of birth control — as opponent Rick Santorum makes it a central campaign issue — but he broke his silence on a special Republican primary edition of Charlie Langton’s show on Talk Radio 1270.

As Michiganders head to the polls for the Republican primary election Tuesday, Langton asked if Santorum’s focus on social issues will hurt the long-term party prospects.

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“I think so, ” Paul said, adding, “I think that the world is falling apart, financial system’s in a mess, we’re totally bankrupt, the wars are endless, now the president can arrest us without a trial….I would say that we have some big problems, more or less worrying about birth control pills.

“That should be in the doctor-patient relationship. It shouldn’t come as a mandate from the insurance company,” Paul said.

Langton asked whether Paul would make the morning after pill available for girls as young as 16 years old, and Paul said it should be allowed — if the states want it.

“I think the states have the right to try to do that, the morning after pill is nothing more than the birth control pill,” Paul said. “How are you going to take all the birth control off the market? It would be impossible. States have some rights to regulate things, they regulate alcohol and nobody complains too much about it.”

Despite his poor showings in polls, Paul said he’s pleased with the way his campaign is shaping up in Michigan and elsewhere.

“We get the largest crowd and the most enthusiasm…When the bottom line is added up, we always end up doing quite well in the delegate count … I’ve been very pleased,” Paul said.

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Langton asked him to address health insurance, as Paul was a former physician at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

“I grew up, my dad didn’t have insurance, but the prices were so much lower and people had work, they had jobs…Most people, if you really narrow it down, they say they can’t afford it,” Paul said, adding, “Insurance isn’t the whole answer, you have to find out why costs are so high.”

Paul blamed overregulation and lawsuits for the escalating prices of insurance.

Paul, who urges a sort of isolationism in American foreign policy, added that we’re “less safe” because of economic policy, especially in Israel, where he said the U.S. is overly involved in the region.

“Arresting and prosecuting innocent people doesn’t show you’re strong…Talibans are just fighting to get foreigners off their land, it takes a strong president to tell the truth,” Paul said.

Hear the entire interview below.

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